Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (pocket edition)


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The “Twelve and Twelve” contains 12 essays by Bill W. that expand upon each of the Steps — the A.A.program of recovery — with helpful examples and personal insights, and another 12 that explain how the Traditions protect the unity of Alcoholics Anonymous. Originally published in Grapevine in 1952, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions is used today by A.A. members and groups worldwide.
General Service Conference-approved.
3.5” x 5.5”
192 pages

Notice of an error in this edition

Due to a typographical error, the text of the Long Form of Tradition Eight was inadvertently repeated in the Long Form of Tradition Nine (page 177) in this edition. The accurate full text of Tradition Nine (Long Form) appears on page 178.
An ERRATUM SHEET explaining the error will be inserted into copies of this edition.

The correction has been entered into in our files for future printings. We apologize for this error.