District 14 Treatment Committee

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Members of the Treatment Committee work to carry the A.A. message into treatment settings where suffering alcoholics and the professionals who treat them, may be introduced to A.A.

  • Bring the message of hope for recovery to alcoholics in a variety of treatment centers
  • Demonstrate to administrators and staff “how it works” and are instruments of attraction to the A.A. program
  • Provides information about A.A., as well as literature and guidelines for setting up A.A. meetings in treatment facilities and outpatient settings

Since one of the ways A.A.’s co-founders helped maintain their sobriety was by carrying he A.A. message into hospitals, many other alcoholics have discovered the great value to their own sobriety of working with suffering alcoholics in treatment centers.

The District 14 Treatment Committee arranges for meetings to be taken into Harris House and Bridgeway Women’s Facility, both of which are located in St. Charles County.

To find out more information or see how you can help please fill out the form below. Anonymity is the foundation of our organization. Your personal information will be held in confidence.

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