District 14 Outreach Committee

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The purpose of this committee is to connect the groups and encourage participation of the General Service Representative (GSR) at the district level as mentioned in District 14’s procedure manual (addendum #1, page 11).

The general service representative (GSR) is an elected member of your home group. It is a two-year service commitment. The GSR is your home group’s link to A.A. as a whole. GSRs attend district meetings and area assemblies, relaying information between group members and the general service structure of A.A. Additional information about GSRs can be found in A.A.’s brochure G.S.R. General Service Representative.

If you are interested in registering your group with GSO (General Service Office) please consult their guidelines and complete the included form here.

To find out more information or see how you can help please fill out the form below. Anonymity is the foundation of our organization. Your personal information will be held in confidence.

District 14 Outreach Contact