District 14 Bridging the Gap Committee

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This committee’s purpose is to “Bridge the Gap” between treatment and A.A. through a temporary contact. It is suggested that the temporary contact take the newcomer to a variety of A.A. meetings; introduce him or her to other A.A.’s; ensure that he or she has the phone numbers of several A.A. members, and share the experience of sponsorship and a home group.

Use EAMO’s (Eastern Area of Missouri) online B.T.G. Request Form to initiate help for an alcoholic transitioning from a treatment facility: https://eamo.org/btg-form-new/

For information about District 14’s B.T.G. committee or volunteer to help please fill out the form below. Anonymity is the foundation of our organization. Your personal information will be held in confidence.

District 14 Bridging the Gap Contact