District 14 Accessibility Committee

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This committee works to ensure that both A.A.’s message and its meetings are accessible to alcoholics with special needs.

Who has them? Alcoholics that are…

  • Minority groups: deaf, Native American, Spanish, African American, Gay and Lesbian
  • Cultures that have primary languages that are not English
  • Deafened or hard of hearing (do not use American Sign Language)
  • House or hospital bound
  • Parents that are unable to find suitable childcare to attend meetings
  • Do not have transportation
  • Not able to drive themselves due to health conditions
  • Unable to drive as a result of receiving a DUI
  • Living in nursing homes/foster care homes
  • Blind or have low vision
  • Using wheel chairs/walkers/canes
  • Dual  diagnosis (mental illness and alcoholism)
  • Have head injuries
  • Speech is difficult to understand

Click here to access GSO’s SMF-208 (accessibilities checklist for meetings and groups).

To find out more information or see how you can help please fill out the form below. Anonymity is the foundation of our organization. Your personal information will be held in confidence.

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